The Visits API provides a simple interface to retrieve visits.


Retrieve all visits

Returns all visits available to the user, according to the parameters provided.


Attribute Description
page number optional

Page number to start from. Page numbering starts at 1 and omitting the page parameter will return the first page. Maximum page that can be returned is 100

e.g. ?page=2
per_page number optional

Number of records to return per page. Maximum per_page value is 100.

e.g. ?per_page=25
sort_by string optional

A field to sort by. Default ordering is ascending. If you want to change the sort order to descending, append :desc to the filed e.g. sortby=visitedat:desc.

  • Values:
    • id
    • visited_at
e.g. ?sort_by=id
outcome_id number optional

ID of the visit outcome to filter the visits.

e.g. ?outcome_id=2
creator_id number optional

User ID that created the visit

e.g. ?creator_id=2
resource_type string optional

The type of the resource the visit is attached to.

  • Possible values:
    • lead
    • contact
e.g. ?resource_type=lead
resource_id number optional

The ID of the resource the visit is attached to. Requires the resource_type query param to be set as well.

e.g. ?resource_id=2
rep_location_verification_status string optional

The status of the location verification of the device that created the visit (sales representative).

  • Possible values:
    • verified
    • resource_location_too_far
    • location_unknown
    • location_services_disabled
e.g. ?rep_location_verification_status=verified